Sunday, December 2, 2018

Is LinkedIn becoming Useless these days?

We can find a lot of Social Media or Social networking websites on the Internet. But there are only a few  Professional Social Media sites available. LinkedIn is the leading professional social Media networking site.

A lot of people were using LinkedIn for this Business purposes, mostly for hiring employees for their companies. So, obviously, job searching people were also using it effectively to get their Job easily.

Apart from hiring process, LinkedIn played an important role in generating Business or Sales leads also.

Personally, I too used LinkedIn effectively for getting new projects, selling my Books and even for getting visitors to my websites and subscribers to my Youtube channel.  I used to actively engaged in many Group discussions using my LinkedIn profile to bring Business leads and sales. But it was many years back.
Past few years I was not actively using LinkedIn and started using it again a few months back. And, now I have the feeling that LinkedIn as not useful as once it was. I tried to promote our Timesheet and hire freelancers for promoting our Books and websites. But I couldn't get any useful leads. Personally, I feel LinkedIn is becoming useless though previously it used to give a lot of Business leads and Book sales.
I am not sure whether LinkedIn is becoming useless for me only or for others too. And, I am thinking about whether Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn plays any role in the activities of LinkedIn. Share your LinkedIn experience through the comments. 

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