Saturday, December 1, 2018

What do you think about YouTube's new policy of disabling Ads by saying Duplication/Reused content as Reason?

I am running my YouTube Channel starting from 2009. Even I have published a Book about earning Money from Youtube.

A few months back Monetization got disabled for my Channel by saying "Duplication" as the reason. I had many duplicate videos created using YouTube Editor by reproducing Creative commons videos. I put a lot of efforts to add value to those videos by including subtitle/caption and spend significant time to improve the audio/video quality of old videos. Even I had spent hours of my time to remove unnecessary silence and claps.

Note that I don't have any copyright strikes.

I deleted all those duplicate videos and reapplied for monetization. But it got rejected by saying "Reused content".

Some of those deleted Videos had hundreds of comments that added a lot of value to the Video.

Currently, I have a lot of News videos narrated by me based on the Press release content provided by companies and Universities.

I put a lot of Hard work and had spent hundreds of Hours to make those videos. Though the Videos look simple I had to read thousands of news articles and Journals to find out best among them to bring these videos.

So, I don't want to delete them. YouTube is saying that I can reapply again on 20th December. But I don't know what difference it will make if I reapply again without deleting the videos.

All these things made me think deeply about the risks of fully depending on Google/YouTube. Today I got a chance to go through a discussion about reducing Christmas bonus in  smallbusiness subreddit about reddit website.

A lot of people are suggesting OP to convey the bonus reduction in advance. (i-e giving some kind of clue or warning). And, they say that the sudden announcement of bonus reduction will force Employees to quit.

After reading those things, I started thinking about the behaviour of YouTube. They stopped the Ads immediately without giving any Warning even though I was YouTube Partner for more than 9 years, and without any mistake from my side.

It clearly shows their attitude. I agree that Google/Adsense/YouTube is the best option to earn money online, and they are powerful in terms of technology and they really want to help people. It made everyone to fully depend on them. That situation is encouraging them to act on their own wish without considering other people.

Past few weeks I was searching for a good alternative for earning from videos. But I couldn't find any useful one. It makes the difference between small businesses and Youtube. If any small business is not treating their stakeholders properly they can easily join with other small businesses, but since Google/YouTube is becoming Giant, we don't have other options and therefore Google/YouTube is behaving on their own wish. If this condition continues then even the searchers/viewers will also face tough time in near future as they won't have any alternate.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts through the comments.

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