Friday, December 28, 2018

Relation of Heat and Computer Speed

A few days back, my Computer was not starting properly. The power supply switch indicator was glowing, and I could hear the fan sound from CPU. But there was no light indication from Mouse and Keyboard which are connected to USB ports.

Since I am using Linux Operating System "Ubuntu", I could easily come to the conclusion of some Hardware issue, without the need to suspect an OS issue.

So, I opened the CPU box and I have noticed that the heatsink fan was not rotating properly, it was creating noise sometimes by slightly hitting on the heat sink.

The Computer started properly without any issue after replacing the Heat Sink.

It made me think about the relation between the Heat Sink and Computer operation. Since the computer was not starting without proper Heat Sink, I could understand that the Computer is sensing the operation of Heat Sink. After reading many forum posts, I came to know that modern Computers adjust their operation based on the Heat to save the processor from burning event.  That means if your computer is getting heated, it will automatically reduce its operating speed to reduce the heat generation from the high-speed operation of the processor.

From this incident, I learnd that to increase our Computer speed, we need to provide proper Heat Sink and other heat reduing systems.

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