Friday, February 2, 2024

How to freely download my ebook about earning money from YouTube

A few years back, I published a book with the title "How to Earn Money from YouTube Videos?: My Experience with YouTube" and enrolled it in Amazon's "KDP Select" program. So, I was not able to sell anywhere else. Now, I have taken it out of "KDP Select" so that I can sell from other places too.

I have decided to sell from Gumroad. As of now, you can get it for free by entering "0" in the Amount field on this Gumroad sales page. Remember to add your ratings on Gumroad. Let me know if you face any difficulty in downloading it. You can earn money by joining as an affiliate to promote my ebooks. 

Apart from this ebook, I am planning to make a few other ebooks also free for a few hours on some days for promotional purposes.

Get my below ebooks for free by entering "0" in the Amount field if you see the option to enter "0".

 Dream Big, Move Forward Inch By Inch

 How to Earn Money from YouTube Videos? 

 Mastering the Art of Talking to AI

 Emerging Technologies for Profit

Software Testing and QTP Automation

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