Saturday, February 3, 2024

Instamojo links for buying my ebooks in Rupees

Now people in India can buy my ebooks by making payments in rupees using various payment methods.

I am using Instamojo for this purpose. You can visit my Instamojo ebook store here.

Find below the Instamojo links for buying my ebooks.

New ebook:

Get the new ebook "Unlocking Google Bard: A Beginner's Guide to Unleashing Your Creativity and Productivity" for just Rs 99 at

3 ebooks bundle:

Get below three ebooks together as a bundle for just Rs 99 from (Sometimes, you may get a %50 Discount by using the code "QPT" when buying it.)

1. Mastering the Art of Talking to AI: A Comprehensive Guide to Prompt Engineering

2. Emerging Technologies for Profit: A Guide to Earning Money

3. Dream Big, Move Forward Inch by Inch: A Simple and Effective Guide for Finding Happiness and Success in Your Life

It is a limited-time offer. So, use it before it ends.

Old ebooks:

Software Testing ebook Rs 25 only 

Youtube Earning ebook Rs 25 only

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