Friday, February 2, 2024

My Dream Big Book is Taking Off! A Journey of Hope and Sales Insights

I was browsing Amazon for my books the other day, and imagine my surprise when I saw my "Dream Big" book pop up in the auto-suggest list!

Initially, I thought it was showing only to me. To test this, I typed my name on incognito window. It is good to see my Dream big book from there also. It is happening only on It is NOT happening on

It seems many people are searching my book on Amazon. It encourages me to put more focus on selling my books, though my ebooks are not selling well as of now. Now, I understand that my promotion efforts are working on slowly. Even though people are not buying them immediately, they remembered the book name and tried to find it on Amazon. So, I hope in the coming days it will sell well as it will be best suitabel for giving as a gift. I am selling many books from 2010. This is the first time I am seeing my book name on the Amazon auto suggestion list. I already got positive comments about this book. It made me to stop my efforts for finding good ad nework for monetzing my sites. I already explored and tested around 10 ad networks as my Adsense account was disabled. Most of the ad networks are showing low quality ads, mostly harming the visitors by showing gambling or any other scams related things. Even sponsors also not in the best interest of the visitors. So, instead of showing other people's ads, I am planning to show ads of my own books on my websites. Previsouly I hesitated to do this as I was not sure whether people will be interested in my books as I am not good at writing. Anyway now I understand that peope are interested in good content than writing style. Moreover I used AI tools like Grammarly, ChatGPT and Bard to improve my wrting. So, I have decided to sell my books than showing ads of other people. And, I beleive it will be useful for readers also as my books can help them in someway. Let me check how it is going. And, if you believe that my books are having selling potential, you can earn money by selling them as Amazon affiliate or Gumroad affiliate. Contact me if you need any other details.

Apart from selling through Amazon, I usually sell ebooks from my blog using paypal button which doesn't work in India. Based on my initial observation, People in India are not showing interest to get my ebooks even when I provided them for free. So, I was not showing interest to implement payment gateway for India users. Recently I put some efforts to find suitable payment gateway for selling my ebooks for India buyers. Now I am selling my ebooks through instamojo also so that people in India can buy my ebooks. And, I stopped my efforts for distributing free copies to get reviews. Now, my books started making some sales even without any reviews. So, I realized that reviews are not a constraint in selling my books. So, instead of focusing on getting reviews, I am going to do full-fledged sales as I came to the conclusion that my books will be beneficial to the users than showing any other ads.

And, I understand that repeatedly seeing my books ads on all my websites and videos may be bit irritating to regular visitors. I am looking for the ways to handle it. Share your thoughts about it, and let me know if you have any good suggestions.

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