Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bing - Mircrosoft's Decision Engine. Will it perform better than Google search?

Microsoft has released a new Search Engine named 'Bing' . Microsoft is calling this new search engine as a Decision engine.

It is telling that Bing will be helpful for making a purchase decision, planning a trip, researching a health condition or finding a local business.

You can see the below video which is giving Demo of Bing.

From Demo, we can see the below features of Bing.

-Left side navigation pane called as explorer pane. This pane will be used for showing related searches and category list when showing search results.

- Bing will be used for booking hotels and air tickets.

- It can be used for comparing prices and features of any product such as Digital Camera.

- On mousing over an orange icon near each search result is showing preview of the page. I am not sure whether it will be useful. Because instead of seeing the preview after hovering this icon, we can easily see the actual page itself.

Initially Microsoft planned to name it as "Kumo".

Yahoo is saying that Bing won't affect any existing Search Engine. Yahoo says that Bing will deliver only “temporary interest.”

You can refer Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz view about Bing.

I have tried to know the Google's comments about Bing. I seared both Google and Bing to find Google's comments. But I couldn't see. If anyone knows about Google's comment/opinion about Bing, you can share it here.

Many people are hesitating to trust the Microsoft. Refer this blog
And you can refer this blog also.
So it is difficult for the Bing to compete with Google. But anyway it will perform better than Microsoft's own live search.

See here to know how to integrate Bing with your browser

As promised by Google it is sharing its knol contents with other search engines also.
Search result of Bing is showing knol contents also. Actually I came to know about Bing when I was looking into traffic source for our knol in Google Analytics.

Let us wait and see whether Bing is really a Decision Engine or just an another marketing tactics of Microsoft.

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