Sunday, June 28, 2009

Google Voice gives One number for all your phones

These days most of the people are having many phone numbers such as Mobile number, Home number and Work number.

It is bit difficult to manage calls from all these numbers.

For example if you are at your Office and someone is calling to your Home number you will be missing to attend that call.

Google is releasing a Phone Management System to resolve these types of problems easily. This Phone Management System is named as Google Voice. It was developed by improving GrandCentral.

It uses voice over internet protocol (VoIP) to link many phones together.

So, now using Google Voice you can just use One Single number for all of your phones.

Whenever a person calls your single number, your mobile or home phone or work phone will ring based on your setting in the Google Voice.

Google Voice works with mobile phones, desk phones, work phones, and VoIP lines. There's nothing to download, upload, or install.

Google Voice uses information from your address book to tell you who's calling. If the caller isn't in your contacts list, Google Voice can ask for their name and play it back for you when you pick up.

Apart from this single number service Google Voice is having many features such as converting voice mail into text and conference call.

Find below the complete list of Google Voice features.

  • A single Google number for all user's phones.

  • Free calls and SMS in the contiguous US.

  • Call screening. Announce callers based on their number or by an automated identification request for blocked numbers.

  • Listen in on someone recording a voicemail before taking a call.

  • Block calls.

  • Send, receive, and store SMS online.

  • Answer an incoming call on any of your phones.

  • Phone routing. Particular phones can ring based on who calls.

  • Forwarding phones.

  • Voicemail transcripts. Read voicemails online.

  • Listen to voicemail online or from a phone.

  • Receive notifications of voicemails via email or SMS.

  • Personalized greeting that vary greetings by caller.

  • The ability to forward or download voicemails.

  • Conference calling.

  • Record calls and store them online.

  • Switch phones during a call.

  • View the web inbox from a mobile device/phone.

  • Set preferences for contacts by group.

Google Voice is free and also currently it is ad-free. But at this time Google Voice is available in U.S only. I am just thinking whether Google will provide it to all Countries step by step, or any technical/political difficulties are there to prevent implementing it in all countries.

And also it is now provided to limited people only based on invitation. You can apply here for getting invitation.

Some people are questioning privacy and reliability of this phone management system.

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