Friday, June 26, 2009

Google announces Dashboard for providing detailed metrics on traffic to local listings on Google Maps

Google has announced an Analytic Dashboard for providing detailed metrics on traffic to local listings on Google Maps.

Google says it is providing this kind of data to the Business Owners first time.

It will help you as the Business Owners to understand,

  • How many times your listing appears in or Google Maps local search results

  • what search queries lead users to your listing

  • what zip codes customers come from when they search for directions to your location.

You can refer this blog for more details.

For those who are not familiar with Google Local Business Center,

If you search "bank" in Google you will be getting below search results. Here, you can see the local business results for bank which will show the address/phone of all the banks available in your area. And also it will show the map for the bank address.

The business owners have to submit their address and any other details to Google Local Business center for including their business address in Google search result.

To avoid unauthorized listing, Google will activate the listing only after doing verification either thro' phone or thro' postal mail.

Google will be sending PIN number thro' postal mail to verify the address if we select Postal mail option.

I am curious to know how Google is verifying the address thro' phone. Because someone can apply for others address (may be competitor's address) with wrong data and he can specify his phone number to get the PIN. So ultimately he will be able to list others address with wrong data.

I don't know how Google is managing this issue. If anyone knows details you can share it here.

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