Saturday, September 26, 2009

Go directly to the desired section of the web page from the Google Search Result

Google has enhanced the search result display by introducing a new feature "Jump to the information you want right from the search snippets".

Now onwards Google will show a "Jump to" link to the desired section of the page in the Search result itself. We can directly go the desired section of the page by clicking this link.

This new feature will be very useful for the lengthy webpages. (i-e webpages having more contents in many sub sections).

For example, our QTP knol is lengthy webpage having many sub-sections such as Object Repository, Best practices and vbscript.

Many people suggested me to break up this knol into multiple small knols for showing relevant information to the users who are coming from Search result.

But, because of this Google's new feature, we need not split the knol.

If you search for "Object repository qtp", Google will show below search result.

Here you can see can see a link "jump to Object repository" which will bring you to the desired section "Object repository" in our knol.

If you are a web master you can read this article from Google WebMaster central blog which will help you make your page utilize this feature.

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