Thursday, September 24, 2009

Google sidewiki for making universal commenting for any website

Google has released Google Sidewiki which works on below theme.

"Contribute helpful information to any web page"

"people helping people"

In brief, Google Sidewiki is a Google Toolbar feature which allows adding and seeing comments for any webpage universally.

You can download the Google toolbar with Sidewiki at

Currently it will work in few browsers (Internet Explorer 6+ or Firefox 2+) only.

It seems sidewiki for chrome will be released soon.

Sidewiki is allowing to share our sidewiki entry in anypage thro' Twitter, Facebook and email.

Even google is sharing sidewiki data with anyone thro' sidewiki API.

Watch below video to know about SideWiki.

Even if it is very useful for understanding about any webpage, many people are worrying about spammers. But it seems Google's "Quality algorithm" along with Users voting for comments will suppress the spammers.

I have tried the Google Sidewiki. It looks great. Download will take few seconds only. After downloading the Google Toolbar you need to restart the browser.

Now, you can see the the sidewiki. You need to login with your Google account for making any entry in Sidewiki for any webpage.

Sidewiki will provide option to send your comment entry into your blogspot blog also.

Even you can see all your comments under sidewiki tab in your Google profile page.

And, you can subscribe to the RSS feed of comment entries also.
You can see sample Sidewiki entry made for our website in below screenshot.

Interestingly, if you are using blogger blog, then sidwiki will identify you as the owner of your blog and it will show your comments as page owner comments.

Google's this initiative can be considered as an action for achieving Economic Growth as stated by its CEO Eric Schmidt in G-20 summit as below.

History has shown us that cutting-edge technology and the free, open flow of information are key drivers of economic growth.

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