Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Started new Blog "Start Learning and Show your talent to the World"

We have started new blog

The need for this new blog is based on below facts.

  • Many people who are talented in their field (e.g Design) are not having enough opportunity to show it to the world. i-e Experts in any subject/field need a way to show/prove their expertise for getting any job/opportunity

  • Beginners of any learning activity need proper guidance about where to start and how to proceed

I believe our new blog will fulfill both things.

We have planned to post many articles about start learning any new things.

Our new blog will be used to post the content/code/design from readers. They can send the details to our mail

The experts can give tips/guidance to improve the learning of beginners. It will help the experts to show their expertise to the world, especially to their future Employers or clients.

Since visitors count for our blog and sites is getting increased daily, showing your expertise thro' our blog will increase the possibility for your expertise getting noticed by target audience.

A Good Beginning Is Half Done

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