Saturday, January 30, 2010

Is it possible to create second cPanel Account?

cPanel is the widely used web hosting control panel. It provides Graphical Interface for simplifying web hosting process.

Based on my current understanding, there will be only one cPanel login account for each domain.

We can create multiple databases and multiple database users from cPanel.

We need to login with this cPanel account for accessing phpMyAdmin which will be used for managing MySql databases. i-e We can not use phpMyAdmin without having cPanel account.

It is bit conflicting. Because even when the cPanel allows association of different database user account for each database, cPanel account should be required for accessing any database. It makes the multiple database users concept completely meaningless.

So, my question is as below,

Is it possible to create another cpanel login account other than the default one?

Or, is it possible to access phpymyadmin without having cpanel access?

(Either one of these two option will be helpful to allow the developers to use the phpmyadmin without having full access to cPanel.)

If anybodys know answer for these questions you can share it here thro' comments.

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Unknown said...

You can install your own phpMyAdmin on your hosting account, password protect that directory with cPanel and let your designer use that installation of phpMyAdmin.

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