Saturday, January 23, 2010

Twitter is testing Location-based Trending Topics

Twitter has started doing Testing of Local Trends (i-e Location-based Trending Topics) with some limited number (1 percent) of Twitter Accounts.

Twitter allows us to change the location also. It will be useful if we are in Travel.

Anyway, I couldn't understand how the Twitter will classify the Tweets based on location.

For example, I am in India. Suppose, if I tweet about any US city, whether it will be considered as India tweet or US tweet. And, if the same tweet is re-tweeted by 10 Africans, how it will be treated?

Google Hot Trend is currently showing Hot Trends only for US. Anyway, it is showing location based Hot Searches for specific countries (e.g India). Let us see whether Google is also bringing any Location based Hot Trends.

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NileshW said...


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