Sunday, July 4, 2010

Amazon is taking steps to save Kindle from tough competition from Apple and Google

Around five months back I have analyzed about impact of iPad on Amazon Kindle.

Majority of the people answered as "Don't know, It may kill Amazon Kindle after few years" for the question Will Apple iPad kill Amazon Kindle?

And, most of the people wanted a product from Google as an alternate for both Amazon Kindle and iBook of Apple iPad.

It looks like Amazon is taking below steps to save the Kindle.

  • Amazon has reduced the price of Kindle DX e-reader from $489 to $379 and it has improved the display.

  • It has released free application for reading Kindle books on Android phones.

  • And, Amazon has provided 70% Royalty option for the Kindle publishers if the content is non-public domain content. It will be applicable for the sales to US customers only. And delivery charges will be reduced based on the size of the file.
    Read the pricing details from Amazon. To make use of this new option, I have updated the price for the kindle edition of our book about software testing and QTP automation.

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