Monday, July 12, 2010

Published Products Sales Page with nine products

We have published our products sales page with nine products.

We are working on to release more products in near future.

You can safely buy all these products thro' paypal.

One drawback is, you need to make two separate PayPal transactions if you want to buy two products.

Initially I installed oscommerce shopping cart for allowing the users to buy multiple products using single transaction.

But I dropped this option due to the fact that Buyers will be preferring to make payment from PayPal website than our website as we are relatively new to the online sales.

Anyway, I will be running oscommerce shopping cart also in future once after gaining the trust of our customers, to help them reduce number of transactions when buying multiple products.

And, our Affiliate module is almost done. I will be announcing more details soon.

If you are willing to earn money by referring our products, you can watch this blog for knowing further details about our affiliate program.

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