Friday, July 16, 2010

Offer to buy exclusive rights of our Arts Point Script

Are you a web master or a company looking for a script which can help you earn money either by showing advertisements or by providing paid service?

If your answer is "yes", this blog post will be more useful for you.

If you are our regular blog reader you should be knowing about our Arts Point Script development.

We have completed development of all the modules and now planning to sell the script with full exclusive right.

This "ArtsPoint" script is for connecting Promoters, Artists and Viewers of Live Music Events.

Promoters can advertise about their Live music events in this application, and Artists can apply for any event of their choice. The promoters can choose suitable Artists for their Events. The viewers can search their favorite live music events easily.

The Admin can manage Promoters , Artists and Events.

You can download this document to know more about this script.

So, if you are interested you can send your quotes/price to me. ( Or, if you need an innovative script for bringing more traffic you can read this post.

If you are an Affiliate marketer, you can also contact me to know the attractive special referral offers for referring winning Quote. And you can participate in our regular Affiliate program also.

I am providing exclusive rights selling offer for this artspoint product only.

You are having different options for earning money from this script.
One easy way is showing advertisements as this script will attract many visitors including artists and promoters. Even we can help you to do SEO marketing and any PPC marketing.

Another way is you can make this service as paid service. Many promoters will be willing to pay some money to get good artists for their live music event and to advertise their events to viewers. Our Team can help you to include piece of code for making it paid service.

And, even you can earn more money by selling this script if you buy the exclusive rights for this script. i-e we won't sell any other further copies if you buy the exclusive right.

And, you can use opt-in form to gather email-ids from Event viewers for future marketing purpose.

Also, it can be used as bridge site for promoting any other existing web site.

Send your Quotes/Price for buying exclusive rights for this script.

And, feel free to share your demo experience with me(

We can change the look and feel of the script according to your site design.
And,our Team can help you to change the script according to your specific requirements.

If you need any additional modules we can do it for reasonable additional cost.
And, if you want Affiliate module for promoting the site we can do it free of cost.

Hurry to make use of this opportunity. I will be closing this sales soon, because we are going to start our next script development. And, as of now I am not having any plan to sell exclusive rights of any other product.

This is very basic version of the script. We can tune it further based on the specific requirements of the person who buys this script.

Our Team can improve the look and feel further by getting inputs from the person who buys this script.

And, our Team can assist to promote the site which uses this script. Our team can submit the url of the site into various bookmarking sites and directories. And, even we can use our Twitter accounts (More than 10 Accounts) and our own Social bookmarking site to promote the site to some level.

And it can be promoted further by putting free phpbb Forum for discussing about the events.

And, we can show relevant news by mashing-up RSS feeds of relevant news sources. If needed we can automatically tweet these news using twitter API. Actually using these technologies (i-e RSS Feeds ->Yahoo Pipes->Twitter API/cronjob) we were able to gain Good Alexa ranking (65K) for our site which was started just 4 months back.

Currently we have given the name "Arts Point" temporarily. We can change the name everywhere according the Buyer's wish.

And, the Event need not be the "Live music Event". We can update the script if the buyer wants to use this script for any other Event (e.g Sports events).

Since the database and coding flow are completely designed by our Team, they can easily make any further enhancements and corrections. So any further enhancements can be done cost effectively.

You can contact us for any custom script development also.

Update on July 24
This sales is not yet closed. So, you can still send your quotes for getting this script so that you can start your own online business easily.

Update on December 04
We have changed our stategy of selling this script. Now we are planning sell this as a website

This site includes this ArtsPoints script in addition to Quiz, Easy Learning, Blog, Forum and Social Bookmarking. You can send your quotes for buying this site.

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