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An innovative way/script for getting more website visitors automatically

In my previous post, I offered an opportunity to buy exclusive rights for our ArtsPoint Script.

After seeing the Demo of the Artspoint script many people showed me interest to buy some general scripts which can drive traffic to their websites.

Getting target website traffic is very important for any online business. Since most of businesses heavily depend on online advertisement, we can say that getting website traffic is essential for any business.

So, in this post I will explain about an innovative script which can give more traffic to your website.

We used to see lot of junk and black-hat approaches for getting millions of visitors within few days. If you need such a script please don't read further. This script is only for people who want to get target visitors to their websites without spamming the internet.

For understanding about this approach or script you should know about the basics of SEO, Hottrends and Real-time search. Or, at least you should show interest to learn these things.

And, it won't give the traffic within few days. Actually we started doing research/analysis about this approach at end of last year. And we are enhancing it continuously.
We faced lot of difficulties and challenges while implementing it and we worked hard to resolve them. And, finally we are happy to see the result of our work. Our New Social bookmarking site powered by this innovative script is getting good Alexa ranking (65K) within 4 months time. Apart from this script, our Quiz, Easylearning and Forum also contributed some traffic. But major traffic is from this way only.

Before trying to understand about our Script, know the below basic/universal facts.

- People will come to your website if there is any advantage for them. The advantage can be useful content, attractive design, latest news, interesting things or any discount/offer for buying their desired goods/service.

- Search engines such as Google face tough competition to get their share in the search engine usage. They very well know that people will use their service only when the search results are appropriate and useful for them.
So, the search engines will be continuously updating their algorithms to block black-hat SEO. So, only way to bring your link in the search results is keeping your link useful for the users.

-In this Social networking era, people want to get real time update including the latest information in Search results.

- And people tend to know/read the news which is being searched by large number of people at that time.

We have developed this innovative script by keeping all these facts in our mind. As of now we haven't given any specific name for this script. Till giving name we can call this as innovative script. You can suggest any good name for this script.

If you are our regular blog reader should have studied about SEO-friendly Url and getting good inbound links.

This script should be used in addition to these basic SEO practices.

Ok. Let me explain some basics of this approach.

The core concept is automatically tweeting relevant hottrends news. But still this approach somewhat unique. Read further to understand it fully.

You can see the list of our Twitter accounts in the home page itself (

I will explain the process for @GlobalTechNews

- I have collected many number of RSS feeds from Technology blogs and Sites and merged them using Yahoo pipes.

-I have created a php code and scheduled its execution using cron job to get the yahoo pipe output frequently and insert into our mysql tables to show in our site under Science and Technology Category.

- And the cron job php code will get the id for the inserted data and send tweet to @GlobalTechNews immediately  using Twitter OAuth.  The tweet will be created so that the link points to our site  (it will generate SEO friendly url  and tiny url  in this step)

Similar steps will be done for other Twitter accounts except for few accounts which are dedicated for tweeting news related to hottrends and hottopics  from Google page.

The core concept is, showing hottrends news will be given priority by search engines (e.g real time search results of Google) and so they will be visible to many social news (e.g Tweets) which in turn will be promoted by search engines (e.g Top links in Google). i-e It will be cyclic or bootstrapping. But this bootstrapping requires some outside initial support. This outside support is given in the form of our own automatic tweeting from few twitter accounts.

The additional advantage is your twitter account will also gain more followers. Because it will be displayed frequently in real-time search results of Google.
Based on this fact, I am planning to expand our system further. i-e working on to provide a screen to allow our site members to set automatic tweeting of this hottrends news. It will give benefit for both of us.

Again, everything should be done very carefully. As I said earlier no one will like spamming. It applies to search engines, social sites and people. There is more chance to be blocked by search engines and social sites if it is used wrongly.

I think it looks something unique and needs to be maintained as secret.
But still I am explaining everything public. The reason is simple. I know how much effort/work required to implement/tune this system even if you know the steps. You can easily buy this script by paying reasonable price instead of spending more time and effort to develop it from scratch. Our Team can support for any further enhancements.

You can share thro' comments if you know any similar already existing system.

So, if you need this innovative script, you can contact me (
Note that I am not having enough time to give Demo and explain everything individually. Please contact me if you really believe this script is worth for you.
You can refer the feedjit of our site to know the working of this script for some extent. Note that I haven't put the feedjit script in all our pages for security reasons.

And one more thing is, this script can not be installed by single click. We need to have some analysis about your requirement and existing sites and your expectations.

So, it may need 1 or 2 days to complete the set-up once after you give your details.

And, I don't want to sell this script to everyone. Especially I won't give to black-hat SEO people and spammers.

And I won't sell it to big corporations also. Because it heavily rely on some third- party sites (yahoo and google). Their Terms won't allow this for major businesses.
Anyway, I am having plan to make this script work without requiring the third-party sites in future by implementing our own indexing and our own hottrends algorithm.

Unlike our previous script, I won't give exclusive rights for this script. Anyway I will be selling it to only limited number of people.

So, if you are interested to buy this script you can send mail to me ( with below details.

- Your current website
- Brief Summary of your plan for using this script.
- current twitter accounts
- Price/quote
- LinkedIn or any social profile.
- What level of technical help/support you need to use this script.

And we are having lot of plans to improve it further (e.g releasing widgets)to make it more powerful. I will be happy to provide these updates for reasonable additional cost.

If you want to use this script, you should have or should buy web hosting space with php/mysql and cron job support.

And, know the limitations of this script.

- Most of traffic from this script is temporary traffic only. i-e Same keyword which brings traffic today won't work tomorrow. Because it is based on real-time search. The hottrends topic will be changing continuously.

- Script will need continuous enhancement, because the search engines and the social networking sites will be updating their algorithm continuously.

- It should be used such that the traffic increases step by step. We should not expect any sudden increase in traffic.

- As of now, it uses only US based hottrends provided by Google.

You can subscript to our blog feed for knowing further developments.

Just using hottrends news script alone is not so good.

It should be used along with other interactive systems. i-e Hottrends script will bring people to our site, and we need to do something for engaging people with our site.

So, we are using other systems such as Quiz, Easy Learning, Social bookmarking site, Finance News Reader, and Affiliate system for our product sales.

For example, if a visitor comes to our site using this script we can give him options to vote/comment/bookmark that link.

We are developing an algorithm for sorting the links based on many factors such as pagerank, time and votes. But it is not yet completed. We are still tuning it. And planning for other innovative things such as showing relevant links at the end of quiz based on score obtained in the Quiz. We are planning to use the links submitted in our social bookmarking site. It will help to improve the Quiz while increasing our visibility of our Social Bookmarking links.

We are having Admin module for moderating the submitted links..

Everything is inter-connected . i-e Our Forum login can be used as single sign-on (passport) for accessing all other systems.

Still,we need to improve our site lot especially look & feel and navigation.

I am planning to sell this script only to the actual user of this script.
So if you are a Marketing Guy or an Affiliate Marketer, avoid contacting me for this script, instead you can get benefit by selling our other products.

And, especially we are providing Special Offers for closing our ArtsPoint Script Sales

And, you can contact us for your website development and web programming requirements also.

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