Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Completed Admin module for our Arts Point Script

We have completed development of Admin module for our Arts Point Script (Web application useful for promoting live music events)..

In my previous post I have explained about promoter section and Artist section of our Arts Point script.

You can see the Admin module at http://qualitypointtech.net/artistpoint/admin/index.php

(Username and password – superadmin/admin12345).

Contact me if you want to buy this script, or you can buy it from here.

Now the price is 25$ only for getting all modules (Artist, Promoter, viewers and Admin). This price is only for the first 2 persons buying this script. I will be increasing the price once after completing the first 2 sales.

Our team can help the buyer to improve it further by doing any custom changes for reasonable additional cost.

update on July 17

We stopped this offer sales. Because we are getting quotes for buying exclusive rights for this script. To provide the exclusive rights we stopped our sales.

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