Saturday, September 10, 2011

Be Aware of Malware attack

Recently, most of our websites faced Malware injection. Initially Chrome browser started showing warning about this Malware attack.
Immediately I started correcting the issue. But, almost all the Index.php files  in all sub-folders of all add-on domains got affected by this Malware injection.
So, I contacted the support of our hosting to fix this issue. They immediately removed all the affected files using their Tool.  Let me know if you still see warning message in any of our sites.

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Our hosting support informed me that this  attack was performed via the FTP protocol. And, they said that the compromised hosting or email passwords are usually stolen from desktop or laptop computers infected with viruses or other malware.
 And, they referred to use MalwareBytes ( )  for keeping our computer safe from any malware attack.

It seems mostly the viruses stole passwords stored in FTP clients such as FileZilla. So, we should not store the passwords in the FTP client programs.

Even if our hosting helped to fix this issue immediately, the impact of this malware attack continued for one day.
Because, Safe browsing initiative of  Google marked the malware affected sites, and it started showing warnings even after the malware got removed.
I had to send request for removing those warning using Google webmaster Tools.

So, it is better to prevent these kind of malware attacks by keeping our Desktop clean. And, we should not store passwords in the FTP clients.

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