Monday, September 26, 2011

Interview for SEO Trainees on October 1st in Chennai.

Recently I had planned to start doing SEO projects for our Customers. And, the initial response for our announcement is Good. So, we are planning to focus more on SEO projects. But we will continue our product development also once after streamlining this new SEO initiative.

 We would like to hire SEO Trainees to expand our SEO initiative. We will be arranging Interview on coming Saturday. Fresh Engineering graduates can apply for this job.  Other Graduates can also apply if they are really interested in taking their career in Web development and Web promotion path.

If you are interested to attend this Interview, you can send your resume to with subject "SEO Trainee - October 2011".

And, mention your expected salary details while sending the resume. And, if you have any SEO knowledge/experience you can mention it in the email. You can mention you development knowledge also. Especially, if you have php/mysql experience you  can highlight it while sending the resume.

We will consider the resume only if the candidate mentions his expected salary in the email.
Send your resume before Friday.

And, interview for the shortlisted candidates will be held on Saturday, 1st October. We will send the Interview details (Venue and Timing) to the short listed candidates.

Note: Even if you had sent your resume previously or attended interview previously, you need to send your resume again for attending this interview. i-e We will consider only the resumes which are sent with the subject "SEO Trainee - October 2011".

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