Saturday, September 17, 2011

Facebook is getting ready to face Google+ competition...

 The leading Social Media Site is getting ready to face the tough competition from Google's recently released Social Media product Google plus.

Facebook is releasing new features continuously.  Recently Facebook added a Subscribe button   to the Facebook profile page for allowing the users to get updates from any other users without making them as friends.

And, Facebook has released "Smart lists" for allowing the Facebook users to have Google + circle like feature.
i-e The Facebook users can have more control  over the status updates visibility. i-e They can decide about what should be shared with whom by creating various lists e.g close friends, family, etc.

Apart from these functional changes, Facebook is changing navigation also. Now the Top menu is fixed at top at any time. i-e you will be able to see the top link always even if you scroll down to the bottom of the facebook page.

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