Sunday, September 18, 2011

Opportunity to earn from Christmas, a Hot selling Holiday

Christmas is the hot selling holiday. Huge number of people will be searching Christmas related items thro' the Search Engines in next 3 months, i-e till the end of the December month.

You may refer the Google Trends and Google Keyword Tool Reports to know the huge Audience for the Christmas related things.

Interestingly, most of these Christmas related searches turn into Sales. Every year Christmas Sales is getting increased by many Billions of Dollars.

So, there is a huge opportunity to earn money during this Christmas season from online sales. You can easily earn money by selling affiliate products such as Amazon products, CJ (Commission junction products). Even you can earn from AdSense ads also. i-e You can make use of the Christmas sales without owning any products, and you need not worry about shipping the products.

But, earning from online during this Christmas season is NOT that much easy, even if the opportunity is huge. Because the competition is very Tough. There will huge number of Christmas related websites. It may be difficult for any new Christmas website to show up in Search Engines for Christmas related keywords.

Anyway, there will be a way to overcome this difficulty.  The easiest way is, to buy an already established SEO friendly Christmas website.

If you are looking for a such opportunity, you can participate in this Flippa Auction which will end soon.

This Christmas site is having Google pagerank 3, and many inner pages are also having Google page rank.  It is having lot of blog posts (More than 125 ) and the entire site is developed SEO friendly and we had done lot of SEO promotion. Apart from these manual posts, we added RSS/JS script for showing latest Christmas news and for showing Christmas stories dynamically. According to the AdWord Keyword Tool, Christmas is having 45,500,000 global monthly searches.

And, you can refer the prices of other established sites here.

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