Thursday, September 8, 2011

Do you want to promote your website or the product efficiently?


I am writing  this post after doing lot of analysis and discussions about taking this decision.

Let me explain  thro' this blog post, about  what decision I had made.

I used to get lot of emails asking me whether our Team can promote their Products or Websites by doing SEO and Social Media marketing. I believe they might have been inspired by the fast growth of our own Websites which are being promoted by our own Team.

But, I hesitated to accept those offers. Because, our primary focus is doing web development (i-e web site creation and web programming using php) rather than merely doing web promotions. We had done lot of projects involving complex php scripts development. For example, we had developed a resume posting script which will automatically post the Resume to lot of Job sites. And, we have developed many SEO scripts (e.g Rank checker, inbound link analysis, domain analysis, PR sorting script, etc). You can get more details about our scripts in our products page.

Anyway, I accepted the SEO tasks from some of our regular clients. While doing these SEO tasks I have realized that there is NO solid separation between Web Development and Web promotion.

One more important fact is, the way of the Web developers approach SEO promotions will give good benefits than the SEO tasks being done by Non-developers.

So, Now I have decided to accept more SEO tasks even when our primary focus is doing web development.

Our Script development skills, especially the expertise in handling php-curl scripts will help our Team to do the SEO tasks effectively by automating the repeated tasks. Anyway, we won't use/develop scripts which will spam the internet by doing automatic submissions. Instead, we use the  power of scripts to automate the time-taking and repeatable tasks. Since personally I am having QTP Automation background, I used to see every  possibility of automating the manual tasks while knowing about when to automate the tasks and when to NOT automate the tasks to get maximum efficiency.

Ok, Wait.... I am NOT going to accept the SEO outsourcing from everyone. If you are interested in assigning your internet marketing tasks to our Team, You  need to read this post further.

First of all, I am NOT going to give any promise (e.g First Position in Google, First Page in Google, First page in all search engines, etc) even if our primary focus is bringing your website to the front page of major search engines for the targeted keyword.

And, we won't use any black hat SEO approaches to gain immediate good ranking. We use only White-hat approaches for doing SEO. We strictly follow  the Google Guidelines for Web Masters. In other words, you may not get any immediate results but you will get good traffic in the long run.

I won't prefer to promote any website or product which is NOT giving any value for the customers. You may ask why I need to care about these things. But the fact is, taking care in these things will give good long term returns.  In other words, we are NOT going to support sales of a worthless products, instead we will just support the sales/promotion of Good products by guiding them to effectively utilize the Search Engines traffic and Social Media traffic. Anyway, we are NOT responsible for the products we are going to promote. Just I am talking about choosing appropriate product/site for doing promotion.

Ok. Now I will explain how we can help you to promote your websites/products by effectively utilizing the power of SEO and Social Media.

Let us assume that you are having one excellent product and planning to sell them thro' online, and created a website for selling the product.

In this situation, we can help you to choose appropriate target keyword for your website. Choosing an appropriate target keyword is NOT an easy task. It is the critical part of doing SEO promotion. We will do the analysis about how people will search your product/site, and will shortlist various keywords using Google Keywords Tools based on the Search volume and Competition. We refer lot of other resources (eg. Google trends, SEMRush), your domain name and your site content to choose the appropriate target keyword from the shortlisted keywords.

For example, we have selected "timesheet" as the target keyword for our site TimeSheetScript.Com

Once after choosing the Target keyword, we will start optimizing your site for this target keyword.

If you give access to your server, we will do the necessary changes for doing on-page optimization of your site for the Target keyword. i-e We will add the Target Keyword in Title, Meta keywords, Meta content and H1 tag contents.
And, we will tweak the Meta description so that it will drive the user to click the link when it is getting displayed as search snippet in the Search results of the Search engines.

We will test your site to make sure that your site is NOT having any page loading or performance issues which will affect SEO.

And, we will add Google Analytics code into your site to get the traffic details, and we will include your site to Google webmaster Tools which will be very helpful for tracking the keyword positions and for doing lot of SEO activities.

Once after doing all necessary on-page optimizations, our Team can start work on doing off-page optimization for promoting your site for the target keyword.

We are having lot of blogs and websites with Google page rank. We can add your site link in our sites with anchor text of your targeted keyword to get the Inbound links.

And, our Team can add relevant comments in Blog posts related to the targeted keyword. Note that we won't do comment spam, instead we will add only unique and meaningful comments related to the article for which we are adding comments. We post comments manually only.  And, we do Forum posting and add Forum signature.

And we do Social bookmarking, Article submission, directory submission, guest posts, link exchange, etc. for getting quality backlinks.

We continuously monitor the outcome of our efforts by monitoring the backlinks and search engine keyword position using our own SEO tools.

Based on the measured outcome, we used to tweak our SEO promotion strategy.

Apart from doing SEO promotion, we can do Social Media promotion also. Our Team members are having active accounts with lot of real Followers/Friends in lot of Social Media sites. Especially we effectively utilize the Twitter for getting traffic. We have developed lot of Twitter Tools (e.g AutoTweet, Multipost, Bulk load) for making our Social Media promotion efforts easy.

We used to send the status update on daily basis so that you can understand what we are doing daily for promoting your site.

Contact me if you want more details.

Note that since we use only white-hat approaches, SEO promotion may take significant time duration to give returns. In this case, we can help you to run PPC campaigns using Google Adwords. Right now, I am NOT an expert in Google AdWords. But, I know how to use is effectively by adding appropriate keywords and Geo targeting, and adding ads with "call to action" words. I will do my best to get good quality score to save money.

Visit our website to know about us, and you can refer my LinkedIn profile.

I am going to accept SEO tasks from  few customers only, as our Team is already engaged with some tasks and we plan to develop new products also. So, if you want to use this opportunity, give more details about you while contacting me thro' my email

You can choose to get any kind of SEO service. i-e Either you can ask us to do complete SEO and Social media promotion for your site, or just can ask our Team to do link building, or we can do only SEO consultancy for helping you to choose appropriate keywords and Tools, or we can  run PPC campaigns.

And, we will accept daily tasks also.  So, there is NO risk for you. You can ask our Team to continue the task next day only if you are satisfied with the previous day work.

Similarly, we also reserve the rights to stop working on your tasks at any time if we feel that promoting your site is NOT suitable for us. So, we won't accept any long term contracts initially.

And, we offer attractive hourly prices as an Introductory offer for first few customers. You can contact me soon to use this Offer.

Apart from working on hourly basis, we can work on a Monthly package basis also. Contact me to get more details.

You can subscribe to our Email posts, and you can bookmark this blog for further reading, or you can subscribe to our blog feed.


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