Thursday, February 2, 2012 is growing...

Recently I had done some analysis about the demand for our websites and our products.
Based on my analysis, I came to know that the demand for Software Testing especially QTP Tool related sites is very high. And, interestingly the competition for these kind of websites are very low. CPC for Software Testing related keywords is Good.

Considering all these factors (i-e High Demand, Low competition, Good CPC), I decided to focus more on developing and promoting our website.

Recently I did below changes.

- Modified the Wordpress Theme to increase the width of the content Area. It helps to optimize the AdSense ads placement as per the suggestions given by the Google AdSense Team.
- Set redirection for redirecting the visitors from our QTP knol to the Site.
- Replaced the Wordpress Search bar with Google Custom search to enhance the Search Experience.

And, planning to add more Software Testing related content  and Tutorial videos. We will be setting up a software Testing related job board in this site. And, I welcome any of your suggestions and Guest Posts for enhancing this site further.

If you are interested in showing your advertisements in this highly targeted QTP website, you can read my previous post.

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