Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Free SMS Quotes (For Indian Users Only)

Few months back we have  launched a Motivational Quotes Site TheQuotes.Net

Initially I thought of selling this website thro' Flippa Auction once after developing this site with some Content.

I had listed this site in Flippa Two times. But the highest bid is very low comparing to earning potential of this site. AdSense CPC may be low for  this kind of sites. But the potential for getting huge number of visitors is very high. Ultimately the earning potential of this kind of sites is good irrespective of low adsense cpc.  You may refer the to know how much money the leading motivational Quotes site are earning from search traffic alone. I have the confidence of bringing this motivational Quotes site ( to top of search engine results for the relevant keywords. Already it started appearing in second page of Google for the keyword "motivational quotes".  I am improving my SEO skills and they have started giving returns. For example, yesterday we were able to bring more than 100K visitors to our social media news site from Search engine.

And,  Even we can add some more monetization methods in addition to Adsense. I had asked a question in Linkedin about adding more monetization approaches for this site and I got many useful answers from LinkedIn users. I am planning to implement those suggestions one by one. As a first thing, I am going to sell some kind of motivational eBook which will be relevant to the visitors of this Motivational Quotes site. And, I may accept direct ads from relevant advertisers and Motivational speakers.

In brief,  I found some more ways to monetize the Quotes site  and the Website buyers are not willing to pay appropriate price as the current revenue from this site is low.

By considering both these things (i-e Huge potential and Low current value), I have decided to drop the idea of selling this Motivational Quotes website. Instead, I am going to use the earning potential of this quotes site to earn good revenue in near future.

 But, bringing this site to the Google first page may not be easy. There are millions of Quotes sites already available. Some of them are more than 10 years old. So, I am going to work hard to bring our TheQuotes.Net site to the Top of Search results.

Few days back, I started a Facebook page for promoting this motivational Quotes site. And our Team is working on to put some content and to  bring more fans to this Facebook page.

And, I already taken initiative to spread this site from social media using AutoTweet feature. It has attracted many users. You may just do a Twitter Search to know how many twitter users are using this feature to get more followers for them.   This AutoTweet feature requires the users to create account with our Forum. I am not sure whether everyone will be comfortable for doing this.
So, I am going to simplify the process. i-e Going to develop simple Twitter application and Facebook application for sending tweets without requiring the users to register in our Forum.

As part of this plan, today I have created a Google SMS channel for sending  Motivational Quotes as SMS using Google SMS channels.

The SMS channel Name is DailyQuotesSMS.

If you are in India, you can use this link ( for subscribing to this free SMS to get motivational Quotes daily in your mobile as SMS. It will take only few seconds to do this free subscription and you can set the SMS delivery options according to your wish. And, you can unsubscribe from the SMS at any time easily.

You can start using it at

 And, let me know if you find any difficulty in using this channel. I plan to send 1 or 2 Motivational Quotes per day.

Update :  This SMS Channel is not working now. It seems Google closed this feature. Now, You can view this page in your mobile to read inspiring Quotes.

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Anbarasan k said...

It's good to hear that "Auto Tweet" subscribing user list getting increased. I got much result when searching “”.

Since 2011, June I am reading your blog/site updates. And also it's good to see lots of growing in QualityPoint Technologies sites.

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