Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mini Blogging

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Blogging is a big hit, but many of us do not have the time or the writing ability to write long, interesting, blog posts every day or even several times a week. Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to. Nowadays there are many alternatives to standard blogging. One of the most popular is something called ‘mini blogging’ or ‘micro blogging’. Here are a few examples of micro blogging. 
First on the list is Twitter. Everyone knows about this site, and almost everyone has already jumped on the Tweeting bandwagon. The simplicity and tiny 140 character space make for a vibrant and active blog space. 
Second is the strange mishmash Tumblr. The flexibility of this platform makes it interesting but slightly harder to use. Like normal blogs, the writing space is not as limited, but Tumblr really shines with photos and videos. The younger generation really loves this platform and the share option is so easy to use that spreading a cool post is as easy as the click of a button. 
There are tons more micro blogging sites. Present.ly allows business people to build a custom micro-blogging network that fits their company. Qaiku is a mini blogging site that uses Twitter to create a constant stream and monitor your impact as others mention you or your company. Hictu is a mini blogging site for posting short video, audio, and text. Video and audio posts have a 60 second maximum and text posts have a 160-character maximum. IRateMyDay is a mini blogging site created for the simple purpose of rating your day. Write short posts as you vent about your day. Posts have a 200-character maximum. StatusNet is an open-source enterprise social network that supports mini blogging and other blogging platform’s activity streams. Similar to Present.ly, it was created for companywide mini blogging. 
Identi.ca is a mini blogging platform constructed on the free Status Net tool. You can post small text notifications about yourself or your company; where you are, what you're doing, or virtually anything you want. Posts have a 140-character maximum. Use Plurk to share your life or business through the web or mobile phone. Posts have a 140-character maximum. Posterous Spaces is a mini blogging platform with over 10 million visits per month. Share text, snapshots, video, audio; anything you want to share. You can also connect to other social networks and broadcast there. You can even make mobile posts with the iPhone or Android application. Floort is a site to tell the world what you think on just about any topic. Share your viewpoint and then find out what your followers think about what you said. DailyBooth is a mini blogging site for posting photographs and brief text about your life. Kontain is another site for mini blogging with pictures and short text. Rememble is a mini blogging site that unites text, photos, videos, sounds, and more. Their slogan is ‘join your content and share your life’. 
There are probably more micro blogging platforms out there, but you get the idea. Anyone can share their thoughts in just a few sentences. Everyone has time for that. So, no more excuses. Become a blogger today and get the word out about what you care about.

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 This Article is a Guest Post

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