Saturday, April 28, 2012

Working on to increase the page loading speed of our site to improve SEO

Today I have checked the page loading speed of our websites using pingdom tool . And, I came to know that our Motivational Quotes website TheQuotes.Net is taking more than 2 seconds for loading completely. But the the other quotes sites which appear in top of search results are taking lesser time for loading the pages.

The page loading speed is the important factor for improving the SEO. So, I decided to take necessary steps for improving the page loading speed.

I analysed the performance data for our website TheQuotes.Net in the Google Web Maters Tools, and I did "Page Speed" test from Firefox.

The "Page Speed" recommended me to compress the CSS and JS files to save file download time.

I was already using "WP Super Cache" plugin for the wordpress based site "TheQuotes.Net" And, I came to know that the the "WP Super Cache" plugin is having "plugin" tab to add more features as plugins.

And, I found this plugin  which is useful for minifying the CSS and JS files using Minify.

I have tested the peformance of the site again using "page speed" add-on after completing the setup of minify with the "WP Super Cache". But it was still saying that the JS and CSS files can be compressed to improve the performance.

So, I wanted to check whether the compression is really working or not. And, I came to know about this tool for testing it. And, this tool is saying that the page is compressed.

It looks like the html page is compressed, but the CSS and JS files are not minimized. I would like to know whether the performance can be improved further, or whether  the compresses processes will add more complexity which will affect the performance. You can share your thoughts thro' the comments.

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