Monday, April 16, 2012

Solved the php Flush Issue

We are working on developing a website ( useful for the Webmasters to do SEO for their Websites by utilizing many SEO Tools freely. I will give more details about this web site in separate post.

This website includes Inbound links analysis tool. And we used php flush() function for outputting the result immediately after processing each link instead for waiting for completing the entire process.

It was working fine in our local machine. But the flush() function was not working in the server. i-e The page was displayed only after completing the process of all links.

I have tried various options (e.g ob_flush(),ob_end_flush()) to solve this issue. But it was NOT solved.

Finally it was solved by creating a .htaccess file with below content to disable gzip functionality.

SetEnv no-gzip dont-vary

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