Monday, April 16, 2012

Selling Multiple SEO scripts useful for Web Masters with Offer price (Offer Valid for 2 days only)

As I specified in my previous posts, these days Internet Marketing is very important for selling any kind of product.

There are lot of ways available for doing Internet Marketing. Most of the approaches (eg. PPC ads) will be costly and will bring low outcome.

The best and free way of doing Internet Marketing is, Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Mostly people trust the products/companies which appear on first page of Google search than the products seen on Advertisements.

We need not spend lot of money for doing SEO. Proper understanding about competition, choosing proper target keywords, doing simple tweaks in on-page content and relevant link building can bring good number of target visitors to increase the sales/conversion.

For example our Motivational Quotes Site "TheQuotes.Net" started getting good number of visitors even when there were thousands of good Motivational quotes sites are already available for many years. The reason is very simple. TheQuotes.Net is appearing in Google/Bing/Yahoo search results for the relevant keywords "Motivational quotes" and "inspiring Quotes". SEO Tools such as Inbound link analysis and SERP rank checker helped me to achieve this easily.

There are lot of SEO Tools available for using them freely. But all of them are having some kind of restrictions or limitations. So, we developed our own SEO tools to do our SEO tasks properly.

And, he hosted them on We too imposed some limitations to avoid our server IP address is getting blocked by search engines due to the over-use of these SEO tools.

Anyway, I have come up with a plan to allow the users to use these tools without any restrictions.
i-e I am selling the script with source code at affordable price. The web masters can use these scripts without any restrictions from their local machine or on their server. Even they can earn money from advertisements if they provide they show Advertisements along with these tools on their server. Many people will be using these tools as there is a huge demand of these kind of tools.

I set appropriate price for these SEO scripts. Still I am going to give offer if any one wants to buy multiple SEO scripts. Note that this offer will be available only for two days (i-e till April 18th, 2012). You can contact if you want to use this Offer.

Anyway, if you want to buy only one script, you can just proceed with "BUY" button available in the

And, you can send your Offer price to if you are interested to buy the website ( ) itself.

 (UPDATE: I sold this website. You can now buy SEO tools from our other website )

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