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Top 5 GPS Tracking Software for 2012

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GPS tracking software is a device that uses global positioning system for determining the exact location of vehicles and other assets to which it is attached. This software sends a feedback about their location at regular intervals.

GPS tracking devices are in increasing demand in industrial sector. The primary reason for the use of the GPS tracking software by the industries is ability to detect the position of stolen cars or other automobiles. This software also ensures the products are safely transported to their destination. Here is the list of 5 GPS tracking software which can be used both for business and personal use:

1. GPSGate
This tracking software was made in 2004 and since then it has been used by number of individual. The beauty of this software is that it lets you the GPS between many applications. This device works with all devices that have Bluetooth and USB and you don’t need to install any other driver. Using this software you can make your portable GPS navigation device as the receiver for your devices to be tracked.

2. GPS Global Asset Tracker
This tracking device comes without a monthly subscription that means the owner can activate the global asset tracker when your asset is misplaced or stolen. But it will continue to giving you updates even when inactive. It operates with very low battery requirements and can operate up to 3 years without charging.

3. WorldTracker PLD
WorldTracker personal locator device has gain popularity as a personal safety device. This GPS device is capable of feeding tracking information up to 2 weeks with a since recharge of the battery. It can be used worldwide and gives the tracking information via GPRS or SMS every 5 sec and even works inside buildings and parking places. It has in built motion sensor and has an eavesdropping mode by which you can hear the conversation happening around the device. It comes at a very affordable price of an individual to buy.

4. BuddyWay
Buddyway is free tracking software for mobile devices that allows you to track any mobile phone or such accessories when misplaced or stolen. For this software to work your device should have an inbuilt GPS system. It gives you the tracking information in real time. After you have registered and installed the software in your device you can even share the trips with your friends or save it in the google map for a later reference.

5. GPserv
This software works with any model which has a GPS tracker. It gives the information for single or groups of trackers which can range up to hundreds. This tracking software displays the required information using Google maps, Google Earth or visual earth. It comes with an inbuilt SOS alarms and movement with warning sounds. You can even the preferred language according to your need.
GPS market is expanding profoundly as more and more people are finding a need to track their assets. One of the benefits of the software is its cost-effectiveness; which is inexpensive considering the vital information they provide.

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