Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to play with today's interactive Google Doodle featuring "London 2012 Slalom Canoe"

Google is showing interactive Doodle today (August 9th, 2012) also. This playable Doodle will appear only on HTML5 supported browsers. The other browsers will show static image only.

Today's playable Doodle is featuring "London 2012 Slalom Canoe".

Actually this Doodle is the 14th Doodle from Google for the series of London 2012 Olympics Doodle. And, it is the third playable Doodle. The first two playable Doodles "Hurdles" and "Basketball" had attracted many people to spend their time playing with them. I believe this new Doodle is also going to get the attraction.

The users can play the "London 2012 Slalom Canoe" Doodle using Left and Right Arrows keys or by clicking Left Mouse button on Left and Right sides of the Boat.

And, the users can use Up and Down arrow keys also. The Up arrow key will function similar to Left arrow key, and the Down arrow key will function similar to Right arrow key.

i-e The UP and Left Keys will action the Left paddle of Canoe, and Down and Right keys will action the Right paddle of the Canoe.

And therefore, pressing UP/LEFT key will move the Canoe left side and pressing DOWM/RIGHT Key will move the Canoe Right side. And, key pressing both Left and Right arrow keys will move the Canoe fast in straight path.

The river will have around 10 Gates. The speed of the Canoe will be increased if we paddle it thro' these Gates.

The purpose of this game is, to finish the end quickly in less time period .

And, If the Canoe hits the banks,animals or rock the speed will be reduced, and the Canoe will be damaged too.

This "Slalom Canoe" Doodle is bit complex from Google's other playable Doodles (Hurdles, Basketball). Because the objects and their position are getting changed dynamically every time we restart the Game. So, we can not expect the same game again while replaying it.

I got the score of 19.5 with 2 stars. i-e I took 19.5 seconds to reach the end. And, I recorded this play using CamStudio.

Have you played this Game? What is your best score? Do you have any tips to get good scores? You can share them thro' the comments.

And, if this Game is not available in your country now, you can play here.

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