Friday, August 24, 2012

How Twitter is deciding a Page as Spammy?

Today I have noticed below message when trying a tweet one of my previous blog post about vWorker Review.

Oops! A URL in your tweet appears to link to a page that has spammy or unsafe content.

I couldn't understand why Twitter is saying the page as spammy or unsafe after allowing more than 2.6K tweets of this page.

I am not sure whether Twitter will be having any algorithm for detecting the spammy content. If it is having such algorithm, it should have blocked the URL before allowing 2.6K tweets of the URL.

So, I have to assume that someone should have done something for forcing the Twitter to mark this as Spammy.

I am curious to know how they were able to do this. I am wondering whether someone can block any tweets by saying it as spammy.

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