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Suggestions from LinkedIn Users for promoting our Motivational Quotes Website "TheQuotes.Net"

We are working on to make our Motivational Quotes website "TheQuotes.Net" as most viewed Motivational Quotes website within this year end.

I am looking for various options to achieve it. As part of this plan, I had asked suggestions from LinkedIn users for promoting our Motivational Quotes Website "TheQuotes.Net".

Around one year back I have started a Motivational Quotes Website. And, now I am planning to make it my primary source of income as I have decided to hold my other initiatives (e.g script development for clients), because of difficulties in retaining experienced employees.

So, right now I am very much focused on getting lot of traffic to my Motivational Quotes Website.
As of now, I am doing below things to promote this site.

- Done lot of on-page optimization for making it SEO friendly.
- Created Facebook page for promoting our Quotes website.
- Uploading lot of motivational Quotes videos in YouTube for promoting this website.
- Created SMS channel for promoting the site by sending free SMS Quotes.
- Created Twitter application for sending Quotes automatically as Tweets.
- Our Team is submitting the Quotes pages in many social bookmarking sites.

I would like to know any other suggestions for getting good Traffic for our Quotes Site within appropriate time period.

I had received many useful answers from the LinkedIn users. I am listing below some of the suggestions. I will look into these suggestions and will work on implement them if they are suitable for our site. And, if you have any other suggestions, you can share them thro' the comment section of this blog post.

Sounds like you're doing a lot of great things to promote your page. On the social media front, you might consider adding Pinterest to your outreach efforts. I've noticed a lot of quote images getting passed around there.

Another (related) idea would be to "package" the quotes in a consumable way, providing value beyond simply reading and reflecting the words. Computer/mobile wallpapers, email signatures, e-cards, Facebook cover images (for those with Timeline enabled) are some initial ideas that come to mind. These are graphical items that people might like to create after reading your quote, but don't have the time and/or skills to do so. Providing a simple way to incorporate the quote into their lives adds extra value beyond yet another wall of text online.

On a different angle, when I search for quotes online I often wish I had more context for the quote. Some websites only list the author with no documentation whatsoever, some provide at least the source material but no further information. A way to add more content to your site (and thus more changes for SEO landing pages) would be to create pages related to the source of this quote: who the author was, when that person wrote/said it, how did it form, what was the initial impact, other usages (ie in film, speeches, etc.)

One thing that comes to mind is to include a link to your website in your E-mail signature, with a sample quote, which you change daily or weekly. (You can follow that quote with "For more quotes from xxx, click here.")

One thing to look out for with the recent google updates is over optimization of on page seo...

Backlinks are still gold as is video.

You may take a topic that you have some not so well know authors with pithy advice and create a "did you know" kind of mini series...

You should create a youtube channel add the videos to the channel and to a play list titled "the searched keyword of the subject" but follow the below tips

get some views to the videos, some backlinks to them, some book marks to them.
1) make sure the file name you save the video as has the keywords you are targeting before you upload
2) make sure the title of the video has proper keywords for searched topic
3) make sure the description section has url to your site, youtube embed code and keyword you have targeted.
4) make sure the tags are properly added too.

How about creating a mobile optimized website in addition to your other website? I think a lot of people would go onto a site for motivational quotes on thier smartphones. This is make users exprience a lot better, boost SEO

Make it into a game people can play.

Pinterest! Have a designer create graphics for the quotes and start pinning them. Be sure to include your logo and/or web address on the graphic.

If you are already getting some significant traffic, you need to look at your web analytic, if you are using GA -look at "Traffic sources" "Top 10 search terms" , focus more on those areas. If you getting traffic from mobile devices it's worth considering mobile friendly website conversion ( or even an app ).

Game is also a brilliant idea. ( Wallace is right )
Buy adwords if you have some budget.
Add more topics/categories ( other than Motivation )
Do a competitive analysis ( learn from your competitors, beat them too )

Make your website nteractive, let your visitors do something. Guess the author game, vote up button, add pictures to author/quote
Create loyal visitors & fans, give them some virtual currency, ask their feedback, give them more, rate them, rank them. Let them buy some merchandise, a quote calendar, a poster, T-shirt etc.

Convince a talk show host to mention your website.

One other think you could do is create a widget to randomly display motivational quotes on websites of others, with a "More Quotes" link at the bottom.

Another idea would be to create a "Print Your Quote" functionality that would allow a user to choose a quote and then format it (font, size, etc.) to a pdf.

There are so many sources of quotes on the web that one really needs to think outside the box to overcome the competition. It is probably a good idea to consider what a quote seeker really wants to gain from using a quote. Most use them to gain LIKES and retweets on Facebook and Twitter, respectively.

Perhaps, a quote dashboard would be a good tool to have. It might keep track of the quotes selected and recommend other quotes with similar themes. It might also track the quotes and determine which ones seem to have the most traction with your audience and other's audience's too. Programming the quotes - Hootsuite-style - might be an additional novelty. Adding photos of the quoted person to your posts and tweets might only be an additional click away. If there can be found a way to have quotes sponsored, it might be a great way to monetize this activity.

Games, background information and contests are also great ideas. I am not sure if anyone has built a substantial application for quotes that does more than offer them for use.

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