Friday, August 10, 2012

We can still Play the Playable Google Doodles (Hurdles, Basketball, Slalom Canoe, Soccer/Football ) shown for London 2012 Olympics

Google showed various Doodles for featuring various Games in "London 2012 Olympics.

We can refer the Complete list of London 2012 Google Doodles here.

Few of the Google Doodles (Hurdles, Basketball, Slalom Canoe and Soccer/Football ) are created with interactive animation. i-e We can play with them as Games.

Google used to show the Doodle on Google home page for 24 hours only. But it is still keeping those Doodles in web pages of Google Doodles site.

I have embedded the web pages of the playable Doodles in this post so that everyone can easily bookmark this post, and they can come here at anytime to play those interesting Games.

These interactive Doodles/Games are created using HTML5. So, they will work on HTML5 supported browsers only. i-e These Doodles won't play on IE (Internet Explorer). So, if it not working for you, try with HTML5 supported browsers such as Google Chrome and latest versions of Mozilla Firefox.

Now let us start playing the Games.

London 2012 Hurdles

Hurdles Doodle allows the users to get scores by making the player in the Doodle to run/jump the Hurdles race using space bar and Left/Right Arrows keys.

London 2012 Basketball

BaseketBall Doodle is also an interesting Game.

London 2012 Slalom Canoe

The users can play the "London 2012 Slalom Canoe" Doodle using Left and Right Arrows keys or by clicking Left Mouse button on Left and Right sides of the Boat.

London 2012 Football / Soccer

The users can play "London 2012 Football" Doodle using Left/Right arrow keys and Space Bar.

Enjoy playing these Free Games provided by Google. And, mentioned your best score thro' comments.

Even you can try to play more than one Game at a time as shown in this Video.

And, if you want to play memory Game, you can visit our PlayMemoryGame.Com Site.

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