Thursday, August 23, 2012

Testing Significance of Page Loading Speed for improving SEO Rank

Everyone is telling about the importance of keeping good Page loading performance for getting good position in Search Engine results pages. But it is NOT clear about up to what level the light weight pages help to get Good SEO rank.

So, I decided to find answer by creating a light weight page "Famous Quotes", and monitoring the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) position of this page for the related keywords such as "Famous Quotes" and "Famous Motivational Quotes" in various search engines including Google and Bing.

Normally I use Google Webmaster Tools for seeing the change of keyword position for any of our web page. Today I started using Bing webmaster Tool also for doing this test.

I have created this "Famous Quotes" Page without much javascript codes or images so that it can load very quickly. I haven't added adSense ads. According to the pingdom tool, this page takes less than 250 milli seconds only for loading completely. And, the Pingdom report says that this webpage is faster than 99% of all tested websites.

So, I can consider this page as fast loading page, and if the SERP position for this page is improving very quickly comparing to our other pages, I can say that page loading speed plays important role in deciding the Search position.

Let us see the outcome of this test in few months. If this test proves the importance of fast loading pages, I am planning to create more light weight pages.

Have you done any similar test? Can you share your findings thro' the comments.

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