Thursday, August 9, 2012

Play Football (Soccer) on Google Doodle Featuring "London 2012 Football"

Google is daily changing its Home page logo "Doodle" for featuring various Games of London 2012 Olympics.

You can refer the list of London 2012 Olympics Doodles.

Recently Google is showing interactive animated Doodles so that users can play Game on those Doodles. Till now Google allowed the users to play Hurdles, Basketball and Slalom Canoe.

The Latest Google Doodle "London 2012 Football" allows the users to play Football-like Game on Google Home Page.

This Game looks very interesting. If this Game is not yet visible in your country, you can play it below.

Click the play button to start the game.
For movement use Left/Right arrow keys
For jumping use space bar.

The aim of this Game is, we should block all the balls using Left/Right arrow keys and Space Bar.

If we miss to block 3 balls, then the Game will be end.

London 2012 football

We can use Mouse also for moving the player in the Doodle. Clicking "Left" mouse button will make him to jump.

Visit this page to play all playable Google Doodles shown for London 2012 Olympics.

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