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Do you want to invest in TheQuotes.Net for getting monthly Income?

Few days back I had announced my plan about starting Joint venture of Resume Submission Service Business. Few people were showing interest and I will be finalizing the plan in few weeks and will publish a detailed blog post later.

Now I am going to explain the details about the investment plan for our Motivational Quotes Web Site TheQuotes.Net as many people are showing interest to invest in websites that are having "Steady Income" potential than investing in Risky websites.

Note that it is just investment plan, not a Joint Venture. i-e I will be still keeping full ownership of the website including content,ads, links, scripts and domain name. The investor will get part of the profit generated by this Site every month, and the Investment is NOT refundable.

Let me explain my plan in detail.

First I will start with Good things about this website.

There are many unique advantages in running motivational quotes website.

  • The Search Volume for the Quotes related keywords are very high.
  • There is NO need to update content frequently.
  • The content once added can be valid for years.
  • These kind of websites can spread in Social Media easily.
  • People of any age and any country will be the Target audience of these kind of sites.
  • Some kind of work satisfaction as the site is adding value by spreading positive thoughts among people.

And, it is having few challenges or drawbacks too.

  • CPC is very low. Unless we find some way to monetize it effectively, the ad income will be very less.
  • Growth opportunities are less comparing to Tech sites.

Though the CPC is low, earning potential of successful Quotes sites is NOT low.

To verify this fact, go to any Keyword research Tools like and do a little research by searching the words like "quotes" and "Motivational quotes". Click on the Top websites shown for the results. You will be surprised to see the earning potential of those sites. I have noticed that one Quotes website's Search Engine Traffic price per month is more than 6 Million dollars. That mean they should spent that much amount to purchase the same number of visitors driven by search engine. In other words, it can generate more than 3 Million dollars per month even if the Traffic selling price is 50% of the purchase price. This calculation is only for Search engines. Apart from SE traffic, these sites will get huge traffic from social media too. Now imagine how much they are earning per month without requiring to add any new content or any kind of new spending. And I was surprised to see that one Quotes website's SE traffic price is in Millions while it has less than hundred pages.

So, obviously Quotes sites are having good earning potential irrespective of their low CPC keywords.

Now it is clear that Motivational Quotes sites are having good earning potential and they are very easy to maintain, and they can be promoted thro' Social Media.

That's why I started this motivational Quotes website "TheQuotes.Net" and focusing more on it comparing to our other websites as stated in my previous blog post.

And, just having Quotes site is NOT enough. We have to do lot of hard work to keep quality content, make it SEO friendly, and do Social Media promotion with proper strategy.

We have done below things to move forward in right direction.

  • Selected the brandable domain name "TheQuotes.Net" which is relevant, easy to type, easy to remember, easy to tell and importantly not violating anyone's copyright. (It is important because Google had disabled adsense in because of domain name issue)
  • Done lot of on-page optimization for making it SEO friendly.
  • Adding Quality content while keeping them SEO-friendly. And, we are adding lot of picture Quotes also.
  • Created Facebook page for promoting it in Facebook. It is having more than thousand Fans.
  • Uploading lot of motivational Quotes videos in our YouTube Channel for promoting this website. Even in other videos I am putting the Name "TheQuotes.Net" on the video and/or at the end of the video to make it popular.
  • Created SMS channel for promoting the site by sending free SMS Quotes.
  • Improved the Page loading Speed so that users can see the pages quickly and Search Engines can improve the Search position.
  • And, we are doing link Exchange, social bookmarking and much more steps for getting lot of backlinks which are very essential for getting good search rank.
  • Our Team is doing lot of social Media promotions daily.  Just do exact match search of the word "TheQuotes.Net" on Google to see huge results returned from Google. It was showing 24,900 results while writing this post.
  • We used Auto Tweet Feature to promote it. More than 700 twitter users had subscribed for it. But it is Disabled now as Twitter blocked our Twitter application. Anyway, it helped to spread the domain name for some time. (Update- It is Active again).
  • Added Quotes Gallery Script so that other blog owners can embed this site quotes in their blogs easily.
  • And, recently we had added Greetings Cards sending feature.
  • And, we are exploring various ways to make it mobile friendly, and planing to add new features like "Daily Quotes" news letter.

In summary, our Team had done lot of hard work to develop and promote TheQuotes.Net Site.

But still the Traffic to this Site is not much and therefore AdSense income is also low. We have to continue our Hard work to make it successful website.

Since adsense CPC is low, I am looking for other ways to monetize the traffic effectively.

Few months back I had tried to sell this site thro' Flippa auction, but it didn't cross the few hundred dollars as the Flippa Buyers focus more on current income than understanding the potential of the site. So, I dropped the selling plan, and decided to keep it ourselves.

So, I am coming up with this investment plan.

According to this plan I would like to get one or few investors (preferably one investor) for investing money for developing/promoting "TheQuotes.Net" site further.

And, they should agree with these Terms and Conditions.

  • Their investment is NOT refundable at any situation.
  • I will hold the full ownership of the website including content,ads, links, scripts and domain name.
  • The investor(s) will get some part of profit generated by TheQuotes.Net at regular interval according to the type of income source. (e.g Right now, we use Adsense which gives payment monthly). The payment will be calculated by me according to the Site profit and their investment share.
  • I reserve the rights to add any new investor at any time.
  • I reserve the rights to sell or close this site at any time. While selling the Site, the investor(s) will be paid according to the Site Sales profit and their investment share.
  • This investment is ONLY for TheQuotes.Net, it is no where related to other products/services of QualityPoint Technologies while we reserve the rights to use TheQuotes.Net to advertise/promote our other products.

If you are interested to invest in TheQuotes.Net and you agree with these Terms and Conditions, contact me at

And, note that I frame these Terms and Conditions just to be on safer side if something goes wrong. Basically I am a flexible person and I will be taking care of the investor(s) in good faith. Contact me only if you Trust me.

Right now, I prefer to have only one investor. So I would like to choose the investor based on their ability to contribute (e.g doing SEO/social media promotion, writing inspiring articles, creating amazing pictures and videos, printing quotes on T-Shirts,etc.) more to TheQuotes.Net than just investing money.

We can discuss the complete details of the investment plan thro' email or Gtalk.

As I explained earlier we do lot of SEO and Social media promotion I believe this profit will be increased soon. Anyway, prepare for worst case scenario also. For example, there won't be any profit if Google disable the ads on TheQuotes.Net or if the hackers bring down the site for many days, or if the hosting faces any issue.

And, our Team will continue developing/promoting the site further. I will be calculating the profit after doing deductions for our Team's efforts.
Anyway, I won't be doing any deductions for my Time/effort. Similarly I expect the investor to do something (e.g social media promotion, article writing, etc) for the growth of the site.

And, let me know if you are interested in making investment in our other sites (Tech News site , Software Testing Tutorial site

Updates on  December 19, 2012
I have selected the Investor for the TheQuotes.Net Site. Right now, I don't have any plans to accept any further investment. I would like to get your suggestions for adding new features to our TheQuotes.Net further.
Updates on  August 17, 2013
We had added new applications like Facebook Cover application  with many features like automatic cover change option. And we started Quote of the Day news letter also. Now I am looking for getting one more investor for this site, as we need to promote it further to start getting the Returns.

Contact me if you are interested to invest in this site.

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