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Software Testing Services for the Success of IT Business

We might have read about importance of Software testing in many places including in our website

But, still many entrepreneurs are allowing their start-up initiative to fail by ignoring the Software Testing. They are just ignoring the Software testing by thinking as it is unnecessary burden.

Recently I had done a detailed analysis about the reason for failure of Start-ups, particularly IT start-ups.

I found many reasons for the failures. Some of the obvious reasons are lack of funds, difficulty to find appropriate human resources, high competition, inefficient people management,and low market scope.

"Lack of Quality" is yet another important factor for the failures of IT Start-ups. Entrepreneurs have more control on preventing this failure factor while they have very little control on all other failure factors.

i-e We can avoid the failures related to "Low Quality" with little efforts.

We will realize this fact only if we do detailed analysis about the failures and Success of various IT Start-ups.

In summary, if we are going to create our own IT Start-up, we should have clear plan about our products, investments, market for the product, competition analysis, Human resources for developing, promoting and supporting the product, and product promotion plan. Apart from all these things "Software Testing" of your IT product become very essential as it is going to be the deciding factor of your start-up success or failure. It is difficult to realize the importance of software testing just by imagining or assuming things. But we will realize the importance of "Testing" only if we look into the Success of IT start-ups which give importance for software Testing, or look into the Failed IT start-up which ignored software Testing.

Here I use the word "Software Testing" for specifying about the all the quality-improving things for IT product, NOT about just executing test cases.

The role of software Testers will begin even before preparing business Requirements. That means Software Testers can involve in the initial discussions of framing the purpose and scope of the product. It will enable them to give proper suggestions while doing testing, and it will ultimately help to create the product which actually fulfills the purpose, in other words solve the problem of the product Buyer or User. Solving the problem of the User, is the key thing for the success of any business.

I had written many posts about the importance of possessing business knowledge and development knowledge for the Software Testers. i-e Software Testers need to act as bridge between the Business Analysts people and the Software Developers. Even they need to put them in the Role of End Users.

In summary, Software Testers are very important for the Success of IT business.

So, everyone will be thinking that just hiring a "Software Tester" will improve the quality of the product, and therefore the IT start-up will succeed.

But it is NOT True. Because the "Software Tester" should know about Software development and Business, just writing test cases and executing them is NOT enough. They should be able to co-ordinate both the Software Developers and the Business Analysts.

Now the Real problem is, finding such Software Test Engineer. I had met many Software Testers and had gone thro' profiles and Forum posts of many aspiring Software Testers. Most of them are just focusing on writing test cases and executing them and then trying to automate them (For salary hike, as the Testing Industry gives relatively more salary to Automation Test Engineers)

It is very difficult to find a Software Test Engineer who understand the overall picture of the IT business and where he fits in.

I am having more than 14 years of experience in IT industry in various roles like Software Developer, Web developer, Software Test Engineer, Test Automation Engineer, SEO executive and IT Business owner.

As a Business owner I had done lot of experiments like, doing web development projects for our clients, promoting our own websites, flipping websites, doing SEO and Social Media promotion, developing IT products like Timesheet and inventory control, running Tech News sites and selling IT products.

So, I believe that I can convert any normal "Software Test Engineer" into the "Business friendly Test Engineer" by train/manage them properly.

And, few months back I had written a blog post about easiness of recruiting Software Testers.

So, I am planning to give more preference for doing Software Testing projects than other things.

Actually, I am having good experience in Software Testing and Test Automation especially "Quick Test Professional". My ebook about software testing and QTP automation is selling well from our website as well as from Amazon Kindle Store.

So, if you are an Entrepreneur looking for improving the overall quality of your IT products by hiring Software Testing Team, You can contact me by sending email to

We charge affordable hourly price and we provide quality service by focusing on real success of the business.

Apart from doing Functional Testing we can do other kind of testings such as Performance Testing and Usability Testing  to make sure that the product will  be really useful to the End user. Since we have development knowledge too, we can give suggestions to improve the performance or any other suggestions useful for improving the overall quality of the IT product. And, we will be able to understand the hurdles in  development side as well as funding/business side so that we can prioritize the work and bug reports by focusing on the things that are really important for the appropriate quality of the product.

And, you can read my previous blog post explaining the importance of  having timesheet for managing Employees and Projects efficiently.

If you are in investor looking for investing in a IT Start-up, you can read my previous blog post , and if you want to advertise in our QA Site you can refer this blog post.

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