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Planning to setup Joint Venture which can generate revenue by providing Automatic Resume Submission Service

Businesses providing Job Search related services are existing for many years, and still they are growing fast. Most of the Job Search related businesses are earning good.

So, People are starting lot of Job Search Sites to utilize this opportunity. But not all Job sites will be successful. But still they were able to get significant Customers (Employers and Job Seekers), and they too run with significant profit. It proves the huge potential of the Job Search related business. But it is having huge competition too because of the huge earning potential.

So, it is necessary to develop a job portal which can provide unique benefits to both Employers and Job Seekers.

Few years back, I came to know about the automatic resume submission concept when one of our clients asked me to develop a script for automatically posting Candidate Resumes to few job sites by showing me a successfully running similar web portal. I was surprised to see the huge potential of this concept. We worked hard to develop such script. It is NOT easy task. We faced lot of challenges. Finally we were able to develop such script for posting Resume to few sites. Anyway, this project was not successful as our client was busy with some other projects, and he didn't promote it.

So, after few years back I had decided to continue this project by ourselves, and improved the scripts further. And, launched our own job website using this developed script. And, I sold the website to a person who showed interest to buy the site. But unfortunately he didn't maintain it. (I think he did it just of suppressing the potential competition)

Then I decided to sell the script alone as many people wanted to buy them. I sold few copies of the script. But these Script buyers too didn't utilize it as they don't have enough budget/plans to maintain the script.(This script requires regular maintenance as the Job sites will be getting updated)

I had learnt below things by experimenting various options.

- Automatic Resume submission Service is in High Demand as it helps all parties (Job Seekers, Employers, and existing Job Sites) involved in the Job market.

- Competition is very low for this kind of services. Because it involves lot of challenges to develop the script. (We already overcame these challenges).

- It has Huge Earning Potential because it won't require much effort to process the service. Most part of the Sales price can be converted as profit.

- Though it is having High Demand, Low Competition and Huge Earning Potential, it is NOT easy to be successful in this business.

Now, let us see what prevent us from making profit from this business and the ways to overcome it.

This business requires two main things. One is, developing/maintaining a script and monitoring/checking the resume submission. Second is bringing the target visitors (job seekers) to the websites.

All these failures occurred because of mismatch between these two things.

So, I came up with a new plan to overcome this thing.

i-e I am planning to setup Joint Venture to start resume submission service.

I believe it will solve the issues and both parties can get profit from this model.

From our Side, we can develop the script, maintain the script, oversee the resume submission process. I am expecting the other party to invest some money to bring the visitors. And, if they are experts in marketing they can take steps to bring the visitors. Or, we can do SEO and PPC campaigns if we get enough budget. They need not invest much, small initial investment is enough to start the process. And, we can share the profit of each sales. (Major profit to the investor, and minor part to me for overseeing the resume submission. Or the investor can get full profit if they are willing to pay hourly bill for our efforts)

If you are interested, you can contact me ( with your investing plan and with your profile. Right now, I am planning to get only one business partner. So, send the details (e.g your past projects/investments, LinkedIn profile) about you so that I can choose the best suitable partner.

NOTE that right now this script works for US job sites only. If you have plans/potential to sponsor for developing similar script for other countries too, then mention that while sending your details.

You may watch these videos.

User Side

Admin Side

Feel free to contact me if you have any question. And, we develop/promote few other sites (e.g TheQuotes.Net) also. If you have any plans of joint Venture for our other Sites, you can contact me with your plans.

And, note that all these years I am running all our projects with self investment only. First time I am providing this Joint Venture offer.

I have few other plans too. For example, if I get investor, we can develop our SEO Tool further to make it as Online SERP tracking tool which is profitable business model. Similarly we make use of our Timesheet script to provide online timesheet service.

And, we can do any kind of php/mysql script development/updation at affordable hourly price. We do SEO and social media promotion also. And, we plan to do Software Testing also. Contact me if you are interested to use these services at affordable price.

Read this blog post if you are interested in investing in our Quotes website.

Visit our website at QualityPointTech.Com

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Update: One of the potential investor asked the question "What does this entail?". I had send below reply.

1.As specified in the post, this business involves frequent updation of script according the changes in job sites.

2.And, after every sales we need to spend 15 to 20 minutes of time to over-see the automatic resume submission process (including Captcha entry for few sites), checking the submitted resume in few random job sites to make sure that everything went good, and sending email to the customer once after the completion. Some times, it may take more than 20 minutes in case some manual processing is required due to the change in job site. (Before doing next submission, script needs to be updated to avoid further manual process)

We can take care of these two things.

From investor side, they need to pay initial amount to own the website and Script (Few copies of Script alone I sold for $250 USD - $450 USD per copy )

And, the investor need to make some payment at regular interval (e.g weekly) to maintain/update the script, SEO/Social Media promotion of the site, and for processing the resume submission sales. It can be fixed amount or based on our hourly working time. Some part of the payment can depend on the number of sales.

Optionally the investor can make payment to add new job sites, and adding new modules, and adding new countries in future.

The investor can get the returns from these ways.

- Income from resume submission. Few services are charging more than $50 per submission. Anyway, we can set $24 to begin.

- Some new jobs sites may be willing to pay for adding their site so that they can get more resumes.

- From Ads or affiliate links.

Potential for Improvements:

- Adding keyword based job alert system for additional charges.
- job search box.
- expanding the site as job portal once after getting significant number of resumes. It may open new revenue option as Employers will be interested to pay for searching resumes.
- Adding more jobs sites to be the leader in this industry.
- expanding it by creating similar script for other country job seekers once the US version becomes successful.
- implementing affiliate option to bring more target visitors easily.

Risks involved:

- Some job sites may block the server IP if the subsequent submissions goes within very short interval. (We haven't faced this issue during our Testing)
- Some jobs sites will be closed. So, we need to replace with some other new jobs site to keep the jobsite count same. So, it needs some script development and data mapping time. (During our Testing itself few jobs sites got closed, some got acquired by other jobs site)

My plan for choosing the investor:
- Getting the details including their plan for initial investment and regular (e.g weekly or monthly) investment.
- Whether they bring any additional value other than investing money (e.g I prefer the investor from U.S with some overall understanding of the script/process, investors with potential for bringing target visitors immediately, for example owner of existing job board can do it)

And another potential investor had asked the question "And what will be the minimum capital to be put up for becoming a partner?". I had send below reply.

It requires only minimum investment to start.  But as I explained in the blog post, the script will be requiring lot of enhancements and it requires lot of SEO and social media promotion efforts, and it may need budget for running PPC campaigns too. Just having Script/site alone is NOT enough.  So, the investor needs to pay some regular (e.g weekly) payment to keep things going. The amount of regular payment can be decided by the investor. Normally We charge $6 per hour of work. For example if they pay $60 per weekly we can do 10 hours of work (e.g creating blog posts,doing seo, updating script, processing the order), and if they pay $150 we can work for  20 hours and will spend remaining $30 on running PPC. (I am NOT sure how many weeks it will need to start getting returns, as we haven't spend much to get orders. We focused more on developing the script and selling the script itself.)
Anyway, we may expect some returns in 4 or 5 weeks, as the job market is huge and competition for this kind of service is less. (Anyway I don't give any guarantee as I haven't tried myself)

 And, note that the script updation is NOT a constraint for getting orders. For example, even if someone order resume submission today itself, the current script can be used  , and the submission which is getting failed due to script issues can be manually corrected by our Team. Anyway updating script regularly will save processing time/effort.

And, note that  I reserve the Rights to reuse the script in other domains or for other purposes. Anyway, we won't sell/reuse this script till we are getting paid by the investor regularly or getting part of resume submission sales income.

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