Saturday, December 15, 2012

We have added a new Feature to TheQuotes.Net for sending Free greetings Cards for Christmas, New Year and BirthDays.

Last month we have added Quotes Gallery feature to our Motivational Quotes Sites TheQuotes.Net

Today we are adding yet another new Feature "Greetings Cards" to our TheQuotes.Net website.

Greeting is a art of communication between the human beings. Now TheQuotes.Net makes you to communicate with your friends by introducing a features for sending a greeting card for this Christmas, New Year and Birthday.

Now lets start sending the greetings from TheQuotes.Net Greetings with love,laughter and happiness to your friends, family and Relatives.

Features of TheQuotes.Net Greetings

1. Various Collections of images for Christmas, New Year and Birthday
2. Free of cost
3. Send and share a greetings through email
4. Social media Friendly

How to use TheQuotes.Net Greetings

1. Go to http://TheQuotes.Net/quotes/greetings
2. Then Choose any one of the category
3. Select a card that to be sent to your friends
4. Enter the details like name, email and message
5. Make a preview and send the card to your friends

Watch this video to know more about using our Free Greeting Cards.

Enjoy this Christmas and Newyear with TheQuotes.Net Greetings

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