Wednesday, January 31, 2024

MP3 audio file of my Book "Dream Big, Move Forward Inch By Inch"

A few months back, I narrated my book "Dream Big, Move Forward Inch By Inch" and published this post to allow everyone to listen to the audiobook freely.

Today, I created this sales page to sell the mp3 file of this audiobook.

For a few days, you can play/download it below. Note that the size of this MP3 file is 255MB and the duration is more than four and half hours. So, download it only when you have enough space on your device, otherwise just use the Play option.  My accent/pronunciation may not be understandable for everyone. So, I would suggest listening to it on my YouTube channel so that you can read the text as a subtitle/CC while listening to the audio. Anyway, you can go ahead with downloading the mp3 file below if you want to listen to it offline.

If you are provided with "open with", choosing the option "Drive" will be helpful to listen to it smoothly. Otherwise, you may need to skip (Click the "Play anyway" button) a warning message saying that a virus scan not be done due to the large size.

And, when I tried in on my mobile phone, I was not able to click the "Play anyway" button as it was hidden. So, I needed to switch to "desktop" mode to click that button on my mobile. Are you able to play/download it? Share your experience through the comments.

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