Saturday, June 20, 2009

Essential Steps for Software Development

We need to follow some essential steps for developing Software/Website effectively in appropriate timeline.
It will help to deliver Quality product cost effectively on time so as to improve Customer Satisfaction which brings success to any business.

In this post I will list some of the steps based on my understanding.
  • Read the Requirements completely and repeatedly till understanding it clearly without any ambiguity.
  • Highlight or make note of key requirements in the requirement document. And, highlight the points that are difficult to understand .
  • Don't hesitate to approach the customer/client if you need any clarification in the requirement and also don't hesitate to inform if any of the requirements is unrealistic.
  • Testing Team also should participate in the requirement analysis before starting any development activity.
  • Start working on coding part only after getting clear understanding of the overall Design of the system
  • Enforce Review and Walk Through Activities.
  • Try to setup Development Environment similar to production environment.
  • Do unit testing immediately after developing each small functionality.
  • Give updates of the progress to the client/customer frequently. If you are facing any difficulty/issue remember to specify in the updates.
  • Make list of things that will vary from Development Environment and Production environment
  • Prepare a user guide document and deliver it along with code.
  • Do regression testing even when changing very small part of the code

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Anonymous said...

These steps are very useful for doing my project to avoid time consuming. Thank you

Indira said...

developing test scenarios and test cases during the requirement gathering phase helps remove ambiguous requirements and clarity on what can be tested and what cannot be tested..leading to what can be developed and what cannot.
this also helps with the effort estimation.

arunmbakvp said...

Great Article .Thank you so much..

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