Thursday, June 25, 2009

How to force FireFox to open new window instead of new Tab? method in javascript will open the url in new window in non-tabbed browsers such IE6.
i-e Below javascript will open our website in new window in IE6.“”)

But it will open our website either in new window or in new tab in the tabbed browsers such as FireFox.

If you want to keep it open in new window always, you need to follow below steps in FireFox.

Steps for change settings in fire fox

  • Go to tools menu

  • Select options

  • Select Tab

  • Choose a new window option box

You can refer the below screenshot.

I am not sure whether we can write a code to open the url in new window forcefully even when the user's browser option is set with "new tab" option. If anyone knows any more details about this you can share it here thro' comments.

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Anonymous said...

How exactly is this a good idea? If I set firefox to open new pages in tabs then I would like firefox to open new pages in tabs.

Anonymous said...

Because certain situations the developer wants it to open in a new window then just auto close after running some script for example...not open in a new tab the same size as the current window...

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