Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Setting up aStore provided by

Update:Amazon is not providing aStore now. Instead they provide Amazon influencer page. is providing affiliate option called as Amazon associate program.

We can get referral payment by referring buyers to the Amazon site from our blog or from our website using this Amazon associate program..

In addition to providing Text link, Widgets and Banners, Amazon is providing aStore.

aStore enables the affiliates to create their own store for displaying products from amazon database.

You can see our aStore "QualityPoint Store".

Amazon will allow us to put the aStore created in amazon domain in our own domain using iFrame.

But it seems it is not effective. If you see our aStore "QualityPoint Store", you can notice lot of white space under the product listing.

The reason is, we have to specify height for iFrame. But it is difficult to judge the correct height for the site as some products will be having lengthy details.

So, we thought of using ajax instead of iframe. But we dropped that option as it won't work for subsequent pages correctly.

By searching Internet I came to know about another solution which will use javascript for dynamically setting height of the iFrame based on the height/length of the aStore page.

But it seems it won't work in some browsers. If you know any appropriate solution to solve this issue you can share it here thro' comments.

Update:Amazon is not providing aStore now. Instead they provide Amazon influencer page.

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Anonymous said...

aStore by Amazon is a ripoff of webmasters.

Anybody who knows marketing knows that people rarely purchase when they first see a product.

So Amazon makes you an offer of paying you up to 15% of a sale through your website when they know only 4% of people will buy then, but another 96% will mark the Amazon page, to later come back and make the purchase thanks to you. But since the sale was not made at the time through your site you make nothing. What a ripoff!

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