Monday, October 12, 2009

Accessing Remote machine over Internet.

Viewing and accessing remote computer is essential for troubleshooting any issue in remote computer applications or for doing any demo of new product or for developing any new code collaboratively.

Remote Desktop (RDP) service in Windows XP can be used to access your remote computer from your home computer.

i-e RDP can be used for doing Support over Internet.

You can read below articles to use RDP for accessing remote computers.

Get started using Remote Desktop with Windows XP Professional
Understanding the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

You should have VPN access or your computer should have static IP for using RDP.

If you are not having static IP, you can use TeamViewer for achieving the samething (i-e accessing remote machine thro' Internet)

You can download it and use it freely for non-commercial purpose.

You can use either automatically generated number or registered user id for identifying and accessing the remote computer.

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Sam said...

remote access is the future of computing, and electronics in general. It's amazing all the things one can do with remote access, especially considering that this technology isn't even being utilized to its full potential.

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