Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Win-Win approach to win in any Business

As of now, I am not an Expert in Business. Anyway I can strongly say that win-win approach is very important to achieve long term success in any business.

I can say this by observing lot of successful businesses.

First of all, what I meant by saying win-win approach?

Suppose if you are doing any business deal with someone, your deal should be designed or formatted such that it will give benefit for both parties i-e for you and for the other party.

You should not accept any deal if it doesn't give any benefit for the other party even when it gives more benefit for you while creating the deal. Because it won't give the benefits for you in the long run if the other party is not getting benefit from the deal.

For example, if you have option for selecting one of two websites for reading news. Assume that one website is showing advertisements along with News, and another website is not showing any advertisements.

In this case you have to choose the website which is showing advertisements.

Because, if you select the website which is not showing advertisements, the deal won't be a win-win deal. The reason is, the website won't benefit from you.
In this case the website can not provide enough support or enhancements in long run.
So finally you will be the loser.

And also, obviously you should not accept any deal which is not giving any benefit for you. You may accept the deal without any benefit for you during the deal creation time. But in long run, you may change your mind. So it may break the entire deal itself.

If you see the activities of the successful company "Google" you can see this win-win approach in each and every deal.

So, make sure that any deal you involve gives benefit for both you and other party.

I am writing this post just by observing deals made by successful companies.

So, if anybody has other opinions based on your personal experience you can share it thro' comments section. (i-e) someone may be thinking that we need not care about benefits of other party while doing any deal. Or someone may be thinking that we can accept the deal with broadmind even when the deal doesn't give any benefit for us.

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