Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Similar Image search feature enters into Google Image Search from Google Labs

Google has announced that Similar Image Search will be added into Google Image Search.

This feature was in Google Labs for sometime. Now it will be available for all thro' normal Google image search.

But it seems this feature is not yet implemented in all country specific Google search engines.

For example, I couldn't see this feature in our (India) default search engine http://images.google.co.in

I had to manually change it into http://images.google.com for seeing this new feature.

This new feature will be very useful for narrow downing the search for seeing the required image. So, ultimately it will save our time.

When I searched for flower I got the below search results which include "Find similar images" link for each image.

If I click the "Find similar images" for Rose, then it is showing only the images of rose.

If I click the "Find similar images" link of any sketch image, the search result is showing only the sketch images.

We can do further "Similar image search" from the search result itself.

I have tried lot of scenarios for evaluating this new feature. It seems this feature is working in Excellent and unbelievable manner.

You can share your review about this new feature thro' the comment section.

And, if you have any idea to improve Google image, you can submit it here. You can see more than 27 ideas that are submitted by others, and you can vote for an idea which attracts you more.

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