Saturday, October 3, 2009

Software Testers need to know about "business" background of the application under test.

As I explained in my previous post Software Testing plays an important role in the Software Development Life Cycle.

V-Model mandates the need for involvement of Software Testers from beginning of the Software Development life cycle.

But in most of the cases, Software Testers are not having enough exposure to "business" background of the application.

Just blindly writing (and executing)test cases by reading the business or functional requirements is not enough to test the application-under-test.

Software Testers should learn more about domain and background of the application.
It will help them to understand the requirements in correct context and will help to find any issue in the requirements itself.

Having enough business background knowledge will make the Software Testers to act as effective bridge between the Business Analysts (BA) and the Developers.

Especially, Domain knowledge is very important for testing BFSI applications (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance).

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