Monday, October 5, 2009

Be aware of phishing frauds.

Phishing is the fraud process of gathering sensitive information such as username, password and credit card detail by pretending as trustworthy entity in electronics communication mostly e-mail.

Hackers use lot of phishing techniques such as Social engineering and Link manipulation for collecting the sensitive information.

In Social engineering phishing technique, the hackers will send mail with subject similar to "to restore access to your bank account .."

In Link manipulation technique, the link text will be different from the actual link.

As a user, we need to be very careful so that we are not becoming victim of phishing. We need to make sure that link text and actual link getting showin in address bar are exactly same.

Mostly, manually type the url in the address bar instead of clicking the link from email message when you are going to load any online banking website.

As a web developer, we need to do enough penetration Testing to avoid cross-site scripting which will help the hackers to do phishing.

It seems Google Chrome is giving alert when we click any phishing link.

Social Media such as FaceBook is becoming the target of phishing frauds.

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